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  • The Secret Sauce of Happiness, blog post at Yissel.com

The Secret Sauce of Happiness

March 11, 2017
Modern society with the advances of technology, smartphones, and science, influences new behaviors in all...
  • Why do I love inspirational quotes, blog post at Yissel.com

Why do I love inspirational quotes?

March 4, 2017
Welcome! Welcome to the world of Yissel, the personal and sacred place to inspire happiness,...
  • Surviving stress and burnout, blog post at Yissel.com

Surviving stress and burnout

February 24, 2017
My friend, you have no idea how much I have resisted this moment. I don’t...
  • We only have ONE LIFE, blog post at Yissel.com

We only have ONE LIFE

February 3, 2017
I am writing this draft and it’s almost midnight, I am tired and eager to...
  • Don't break the chain: a method for building daily habits, blog post at Yissel.com

Don’t break the chain: a method for building daily habits

January 27, 2017
If you truly want to make lasting changes and achieve your goals, building habits plays...

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